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Obama Mulls Fatwa Against 24% Who Think He’s Muslim

by Scott Ott · 30 Comments

(2010-08-19) — The White House today refused to comment on reports that President Barack Obama has considered seeking a fatwa — a kind of religious ruling — against the 24 percent of Americans who incorrectly think he’s a Muslim. However, the president did clarify that a fatwa, despite popular misconception, does not necessarily involve a [...]

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Al Qaeda No. 2 Releases Christmas Video

by Scott Ott · 59 Comments

[ScrappleFace Christmas Classic]
(2006-12-20) — Ayman al-Zawahiri, al Qaeda’s second-in-command, today released his Christmas video through Al Jazeera TV.

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Obama: American Muslims, Jews Work to Make U.S. No. 1

by Scott Ott · 70 Comments

(2009-06-03) — After announcing that the United States is “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world“, with an Islamic population soon to overtake number 50 (Mauritania), President Barack Obama today boasted that the U.S. is also the second largest Jewish nation on earth, “and moving up fast”.
“Only Israel has more Jews than us,” [...]

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Specter Switches Religions to Boost Seniority

by Scott Ott · 112 Comments

(2009-05-06) — Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter, who last week became a Democrat to boost his odds of winning re-election, again shocked the political world when he announced today that he had switched from Judaism to Christianity in hopes of regaining the seniority which the senate stripped from him Tuesday.
The latest switch comes just a day [...]

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Palin’s Radical Pastor Calls on God to ‘Bless’ USA

by Scott Ott · 14 Comments

(2008-09-06) — In the days following Gov. Sarah Palin’s appointment as John McCain’s running mate, Americans have grown increasingly concerned about her brand of radical Christianity. A new recording released to the media today by Barack Obama’s campaign, gives definitive proof that Gov. Palin’s pastor, in an emotional tirade, once called on God to “bless” [...]

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Scott Ott on at 4 p.m. Today

by Scott Ott · 10 Comments

Scott Ott will appear in a panel discussion on (not TV, web video) at 4 p.m. EST today. Go to and select the appropriate video link on the left.

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Pastor Rick Warren’s Forum Unfair to Obama

by Scott Ott · 33 Comments

(2008-08-17) — The Saddleback Civil Forum Saturday night, hosted by best-selling author Pastor Rick Warren, was “utterly and shamelessly biased” toward Republican presidential nominee John McCain, according to a spokesman for the ‘Obama for America’ campaign.
Sen. Barack Obama, one of the two front runners for the Democrat presidential nomination, often seemed to stumble through his [...]

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