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Spurned Hillary Mulls 3rd-Party White House Bid

by Scott Ott · 39 Comments

(2008-08-24) — Stung by the fact that Sen. Barack Obama neither considered her as running mate nor sought her advice on whom to choose, Sen. Hillary Clinton may take a page from Teddy Roosevelt’s playbook, and head up a third-party ticket to “teach that kid a lesson.”
In 1912 Mr. Roosevelt rejected a corrupt Republican [...]

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Bench McCain, Put in a Second Stringer

by Scott Ott · 114 Comments editor Scott Ott also writes non-satirical columns at Here’s a brief excerpt of his latest and a link to read the rest…
Bench McCain, Put in a Second Stringer
by Scott Ott at
Every sports fan knows there comes a time when the game plan has collapsed, and the star has stumbled. Wisdom and experience [...]

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Scott McClellan Caught Up in New Deceptive Culture

by Scott Ott · 27 Comments

(2008-05-30) — Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan today admitted that his book “What Happened” is filled with un-truths, half-truths and misguided statements because he “got caught up in another culture of deception.”
“When I left the White House,” said Mr. McClellan, “I hoped to escape the world of deceit where even good people convince [...]

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Second Memoir in a Week Rocks White House

by Scott Ott · 37 Comments

(2008-05-29) — A new tell-all book by President George W. Bush’s most faithful companion and confidante during his White House years reveals a picture of the president potentially even more damaging than the one in former Press Secretary Scott McClellan’s new memoir, What Happened.
According to a pre-release copy of “Down Boy: Inside the Bush Culture [...]

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Tags: Media/Journalism · U.S. News

McClellan: Publisher Using Me Unwittingly to Sell Books

by Scott Ott · 42 Comments

(2008-05-28) — Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan, who claims in a new book that Bush administration officials used him to promote the president’s policies and to defend top officials, today said he suspects he’s being used unwittingly by his publisher to pass along information “just to sell books.”
“I’m afraid I’ve become the innocent [...]

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Clinton Touts New Slogan: America, Here's Your Change

by Scott Ott · 30 Comments

(2008-01-05) — Buoyed by “a great night for Democrats” in Iowa, Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign took the enthusiasm generated by her strong third-place finish into New Hampshire where she hopes voters will expand her party’s mandate for change.
The Clinton campaign unveiled it’s 11th new slogan in as many weeks — a phrase designed to tap [...]

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Hillary: Too Early to Talk About Withdrawal

by Scott Ott · 9 Comments

(2008-01-02) — Former presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton today reaffirmed her commitment to her White House bid in the face of polls showing she could finish as low as second or third in Thursday’s Iowa caucuses.
Reprising her campaign announcement speech, Sen. Clinton said, “I’m in, and I’m in to win. But it all depends [...]

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Tags: Politics

Tancredo to Keep Running, Violate Election Laws

by Scott Ott · 25 Comments

(2007-12-20) — While widely expected to end his White House bid today, legal-immigration champion Rep. Tom Tancredo reportedly has an alternative plan that calls for staying in the race for the Republican nomination by violating the restrictive campaign funding laws that have thus far relegated him to also ran status.
According to an aide, instead of [...]

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Tags: Politics

Bush Welcomes Gore with Low-Carbon Ceremony

by Scott Ott · 38 Comments

(2007-11-26) — President George Bush today demonstrated that he can be gracious to his defeated opponents by welcoming former presidential rival Al Gore to the White House with a low-carbon ceremony to celebrate Mr. Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize for publicizing man-made global warming.
The day’s events began when the White House sent an ox cart to [...]

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Tags: Science · U.S. News

Bush Touts Hillary's Experience in White House, Senate

by Scott Ott · 72 Comments

(2007-11-21) — President George Bush told ABC News anchor Charlie Gibson this week that Sen. Hillary Clinton’s White House and Senate experience make her the Democrat candidate best prepared to face the Republican presidential nominee in 2008.
“In the White House, First Lady Clinton worked side-by-side with Vice President Al Gore, who I defeated in 2000,” [...]

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Tags: Politics