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CIA Chief Offers Torture Tapes to Senate Panel

by Scott Ott · 62 Comments

(2007-12-11) — When the director of Central Intelligence appears today before a closed-door hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee to explain the destruction of recordings of CIA terrorist interrogations including the controversial technique of waterboarding, he plans to present the panel with several “alternate tapes” that have been preserved, which he said “unquestionably show episodes [...]

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Tags: U.S. News

Mukasey to Kennedy: 'You Should Have Waterboarded Me'

by Scott Ott · 37 Comments

(2007-11-09) — Moments after the Senate confirmed President Bush’s nominee for attorney general yesterday, despite objections by some Democrats that Michael Mukasey had been evasive on questions about torture, Mr. Mukasey told Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, “If you really wanted answers, you should have waterboarded me.”
Waterboarding is a rarely-used interrogation technique that simulates drowning to [...]

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Tags: Law