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Democrats Push Bush to Start New, More Popular War

by Scott Ott · 13 Comments

(2007-11-19) — After another Democrat attempt to pull U.S. troops from Iraq collapsed in the Senate late last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV, today announced a tactical shift designed to force President George Bush to end the war which polls show is unpopular with the American people.
“We [...]

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Tags: U.S. News

Sanchez Releases His Top 10 Least Newsworthy Remarks

by Scott Ott · 54 Comments

(2007-10-13) — Retired Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, who generated headlines this week by calling the Iraq war “a nightmare with no end in sight,” today released a list of the “least newsworthy remarks” from that same speech to a convention of military journalists.
“While my critique of our government’s failure to formulate a ‘grand strategy’ for [...]

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Tags: Media/Journalism

Retired General Upgrades War to ‘Nightmare’ Status

by Scott Ott · 17 Comments

(2007-10-13) — Retired Army Gen. Ricardo Sanchez this week gave an upbeat assessment of the war in Iraq meant to encourage the troops in theater and Americans on the home front, calling the war “a nightmare with no end in sight.”
A Pentagon spokesman welcomed the Sanchez analysis, and the Army newspaper ‘Stars & Stripes‘ published [...]

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Dem Rivals Call for Pull Out Now, Long Occupation

by Scott Ott · 42 Comments

(2007-09-29) — The leading Democrat presidential candidates joined forces this week to immediately call for the eventual pull out of U.S. forces from Iraq on a time line that could have all of the troops home as early as the end of the second term of the president who succeeds the next one.
“We cannot let [...]

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Tags: Politics