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Bin Laden Marks Anniversary of Start of U.S. Conquest

by Scott Ott · 9 Comments

(2008-09-11) — Al Qaeda leader Usama Bin Laden today, in a fatwa pronounced from the throne of his caliphate in Baghdad, Iraq, marked the 7th anniversary of the beginning of the conquest of the United States of America as “a day of remembrance and rejoicing, a gift from Allah, the most merciful.”
As in the past [...]

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Obama’s Usama-Centric View of Jihad

by Scott Ott · 9 Comments

ScrappleFace editor Scott Ott periodically writes non-satirical columns at Here’s an excerpt of his latest, and a link to read more.

Obama’s Usama-Centric View of Jihad
by Scott Ott at
Imagine the post-Usama world — that Utopian realm which emerges after President Barack Obama orders the Pentagon to rupture U.S. relations with Pakistan, and sends planes [...]

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Usama Bin Laden Thinks He's Luke Skywalker

by Scott Ott · 4 Comments

Note: Scott Ott, editor in chief of, also writes non-satirical columns at Below is an excerpt of his latest and a link so you can read more.
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As the New York Times, and others, continue the debate about whether its really al Qaeda we’re fighting [...]

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Usama Audio: We'll Bomb You Back to the Qaeda Age

by Scott Ott · 46 Comments

(2008-03-20) — An uncharacteristically-personal new audio recording of a voice purported to be terror-leader Usama bin Laden includes a threat to “bomb Europe back to the Qaeda age.”
“Why should [German Chancellor] Angela Merkel and [French President] Nicolas Sarkozy live in their comfortable mansions?” the voice asks. “Meanwhile the future leader of the world — the [...]

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