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Noose Incidents Spark Sharpton Call for Rope Ban

by Scott Ott · 33 Comments

(2007-10-16) — In the wake of several recent noose-display incidents, meant to frighten African-Americans by conjuring memories of America’s history of violent racism, the Rev. Al Sharpton today testifies before a House panel to call for “a nationwide ban on sales, to members of the oppressor class, of rope segments longer than 24 inches.”
The House [...]

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Tags: Law · U.S. News

ACLU Defends Limbaugh, Sharpton Demands Reid Apology

by Scott Ott · 46 Comments

(2007-10-04) — The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) today offered free legal services to defend talk radio host Rush Limbaugh, whose civil rights, the ACLU contends, “are in jeopardy from powerful officials in the U.S. government.”
“This is not just an issue of simple slander,” said an unnamed ACLU spokesman, “This is a coordinated campaign at [...]

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Tags: Media/Journalism · Politics · U.S. News