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Crisis: McCain Back in DC Locks Senate Doors

by Scott Ott · 66 Comments

(2008-09-25) — Sen. John McCain, R-AZ, who suspended his presidential campaign yesterday to address the global financial crisis, arrived at the Capitol this morning, locked the doors to the Senate and asked running mate Sarah Palin to post troops from the Alaska Army National Guard to bar senators from entering the chamber.

The Republican nominee said, [...]

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Tags: Business · Politics · U.S. News

Senate Moves to Tax Obama’s Windfall Campaign Cash

by Scott Ott · 59 Comments

(2008-06-10) — Rebounding from today’s failed effort to increase taxes on the “windfall profits” of U.S. oil companies, Senate Democrats quickly introduced a bill to tax “windfall campaign contributions”.
The move comes as Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama stands poised to raise $100 million in June, when just two months ago he raised only $31.3 million.

“Obama [...]

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Hillary: Require All to Eat in Senate Restaurants

by Scott Ott · 27 Comments

(2008-06-10) — A week after the Senate decided, in a late-night voice vote, to privatize its money-losing food service operation, former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton introduced rival legislation to “nationalize the Senate restaurants and to require every member and their staff to patronize these fine government-run facilities.”
Sen. Clinton said the operation has lost $18 [...]

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CIA Chief Offers Torture Tapes to Senate Panel

by Scott Ott · 62 Comments

(2007-12-11) — When the director of Central Intelligence appears today before a closed-door hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee to explain the destruction of recordings of CIA terrorist interrogations including the controversial technique of waterboarding, he plans to present the panel with several “alternate tapes” that have been preserved, which he said “unquestionably show episodes [...]

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Tags: U.S. News

Bush Touts Hillary's Experience in White House, Senate

by Scott Ott · 72 Comments

(2007-11-21) — President George Bush told ABC News anchor Charlie Gibson this week that Sen. Hillary Clinton’s White House and Senate experience make her the Democrat candidate best prepared to face the Republican presidential nominee in 2008.
“In the White House, First Lady Clinton worked side-by-side with Vice President Al Gore, who I defeated in 2000,” [...]

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Tags: Politics

Mukasey to Kennedy: 'You Should Have Waterboarded Me'

by Scott Ott · 37 Comments

(2007-11-09) — Moments after the Senate confirmed President Bush’s nominee for attorney general yesterday, despite objections by some Democrats that Michael Mukasey had been evasive on questions about torture, Mr. Mukasey told Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, “If you really wanted answers, you should have waterboarded me.”
Waterboarding is a rarely-used interrogation technique that simulates drowning to [...]

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Tags: Law

Craig Stays, C-Span Adds Senate Restroom Cams

by Scott Ott · 49 Comments

(2007-10-05) — Following Idaho Sen. Larry Craig’s announcement that he would remain in the senate working to clear his name after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct charges, C-Span announced today it would add Senate restroom-cam programming to its C-Span2 lineup.
“As part of our mission to hold public officials accountable for their actions in Washington,” said [...]

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Tags: Law · Politics

‘Phony Vets for Truth’ Join Reid Attack on Rush Limbaugh

by Scott Ott · 131 Comments

(2007-10-01) — Just hours after Sen. Harry Reid, D-NV, took the senate floor to call on radio talkshow host Rush Limbaugh to apologize for using the term “phony soldiers” during his Friday broadcast, a newly-formed, grassroots veterans organization endorsed the senate majority leader’s efforts.
Phony Vets for Truth, an non-profit group comprised of ex-military personnel who [...]

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