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McCain: GOP Mississippi Loss Bodes Well for Him

by Scott Ott · 16 Comments

(2008-05-14) — An ebullient Sen. John McCain told a crowd of supporters today that the Republican loss of a Mississippi Congressional seat Tuesday bodes well for his presidential hopes in November.
“Travis Childers, who beat the Republican in Mississippi, ran as a conservative Democrat and will now join the liberal Democrat coalition in the House,” said [...]

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Tags: Politics

NYC Murders Drop, Democrats Call for Cop Pull Out

by Scott Ott · 40 Comments

(2007-11-24) — As the number of murders in New York City reached a 40-year low, Democrats in Congress introduced a measure calling for an immediate and total pull-out of law enforcement personnel citing the high cost of fighting crime, the risk to those in uniform and “lack of political progress” in the city.
In a [...]

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Tags: U.S. News