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’60s Bomber Ayers Repudiates NY Times, Obama Links

by Scott Ott · 32 Comments

(2008-10-04) — William Ayers, founder of the radical Weather Underground group which carried out a bombing campaign against U.S. targets in the 1960s, today attempted to distance himself from both Barack Obama and The New York Times.
Mr. Ayers distributed a news release in response to the Times’ 2,100-word investigative story, originally titled “Obama Has Met [...]

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Tags: Law · Politics

Obama Submission Rejected by Reader’s Digest

by Scott Ott · 91 Comments

(2008-07-22) — Just days after The New York Times declined to publish an Op-Ed piece by Republican presidential nominee John McCain, Reader’s Digest has rejected a Barack Obama submission to its Humor in Uniform section.
While staffers refused to divulge the content of Sen. Obama’s “light-hearted military anecdote” a Reader’s Digest editor sent a rejection slip [...]

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Being Frank Rich in the Land of Opportunity

by Scott Ott · 15 Comments

Scott Ott, editor in chief of, also writes non-satirical columns at Below is an excerpt of his latest, with a link to read more.
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by Scott Ott for
America’s status as “the land of opportunity” can be proved by this single fact: Frank [...]

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Tags: Non-Satire

Virtual Recession Sparks NY Times Ad Sales Halt

by Scott Ott · 18 Comments

(2008-05-03) — With the nation on the verge of “a near-virtual likely recession”, The New York Times stopped selling advertising today in an effort to help readers conserve “what little money they have left.”
“We realized we were sending mixed messages,” said Times publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr., “Our reporters and columnists say ‘Economic disaster is [...]

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Tags: Business · Media/Journalism

NY Times in Crisis, Bush Offers Journalistic Stimulus Plan

by Scott Ott · 41 Comments

(2008-04-25) — As New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller stands poised to clear 100 reporters and editors from the newsroom due to falling advertising revenue, President George Bush today said Congress should intervene to rescue “The Grey Lady” by quickly passing what he called a “journalistic stimulus package.”

Similar to the president’s economic stimulus package [...]

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Tags: Media/Journalism · U.S. News

81% Say US on Wrong Track, 48% to Stay Anyway

by Scott Ott · 107 Comments

(2008-04-04) — The most recent New York Times/CBS News Poll indicates that while 81 percent of Americans think “things have pretty seriously gotten off on the wrong track“, roughly 48 percent have decided to stay in the United States anyway.
The survey also indicates that more than 70 percent said their personal financial situation was “fairly [...]

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Tags: Business · Politics

NY Times, CIA Launch Joint Overt Operations Unit

by Scott Ott · 28 Comments

(2008-01-06) — After years of working together informally, The New York Times and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) today publicly announced the launch of a joint effort dubbed ‘Overt Operations, Pakistan Sector’.
The revelation comes on a day when the Times reported that the Bush administration may expand anti-terrorist activities in tribal areas of Pakistan, near [...]

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Tags: Global News

Dull Fred Thompson May Hire Political Stunt Double

by Scott Ott · 28 Comments

(2007-10-04) — As the mainstream media continue to pan Fred Thompson’s performances on the presidential campaign trail, an unnamed spokesman for the Law & Order TV star said the candidate may decide to hire “a political stunt double.”
“Fred learned in Hollywood that you do what you do best, and leave the rest to people who [...]

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Tags: Media/Journalism · Politics