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McCain: Allow Treasury to Buy Worthless House Seats

by Scott Ott · 9 Comments

(2008-09-30) — Sen. John McCain said he would introduce a revised version of the failed $700 billion financial-sector bailout bill in the Senate this week expanding the powers of the Treasury Secretary by allowing him to buy up not only junk mortgage securities, but also worthless seats in the House and Senate.

“The real crisis we [...]

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Poll: Uncommitted See Obama as Most Like Them

by Scott Ott · 57 Comments

(2008-09-27) — In the wake of the first presidential debate between Senators John McCain and Barack Obama, a CBS news poll of uncommitted voters shows that those who can’t make up their minds find more in common with Sen. Obama.
“People tend to gravitate toward the candidate who seems most like them,” said an unnamed pollster [...]

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Crisis: McCain Back in DC Locks Senate Doors

by Scott Ott · 66 Comments

(2008-09-25) — Sen. John McCain, R-AZ, who suspended his presidential campaign yesterday to address the global financial crisis, arrived at the Capitol this morning, locked the doors to the Senate and asked running mate Sarah Palin to post troops from the Alaska Army National Guard to bar senators from entering the chamber.

The Republican nominee said, [...]

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McCain Commission Releases Economic Crisis Report

by Scott Ott · 28 Comments

(2008-09-16) — Yesterday Sen. John McCain called for a high-level commission to investigate the current economic crisis and to propose solutions. Today, the commission released its final report calling for the federal government to immediately withdraw from Wall Street, the home mortgage market and “other sectors where government intervention has undercut the principles of free-market [...]

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Obama Unleashes Second '1982' Attack Ad

by Scott Ott · 81 Comments

(2008-09-13) — Despite a firestorm of controversy over Barack Obama’s attack ad mocking John McCain as so old-fashioned he “can’t send email”, the Obama for America campaign has released a second ad through YouTube reinforcing the message that the Illinois Senator is young and “hip” compared with his septuagenarian Republican rival.
Here’s the original ad.
And here’s [...]

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Tags: Politics · Video

Obama Inspires Local Man to Volunteer for McCain

by Scott Ott · 52 Comments

(2008-09-12) — Jeremy Kleckner, a junior at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa., said today that Sen. Barack Obama’s efforts to ignite a wave of young volunteers across the nation is succeeding beyond the Democrat presidential candidate’s wildest dreams.
“He hasn’t even touched the bully pulpit in the White House yet,” said Mr. Kleckner, “and already Obama’s [...]

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After Obama Jab, Pig Lipstick Sales Surge

by Scott Ott · 24 Comments

(2008-09-10) — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s growing popularity has spawned a booming cottage industry in Palin-esque items from hockey jerseys to her distinctive frameless eyeglasses. Now, an allegedly off-hand remark by Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama has sparked a run on another product, clearing the shelves of pig lipstick at farm stores across the nation
Yesterday, [...]

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Young Obama Wanted to Join Army, Hunt Moose

by Scott Ott · 25 Comments

(2008-09-07) — Sen. Barack Obama told ABC’s George Stephanopolous on Sunday that he considered joining the military when he left high school in 1979, but declined when he learned that the Vietnam War had ended some four years earlier, and that the first Persian Gulf War wouldn’t start for another 11 years.
Sen. Obama’s opponent, Sen. [...]

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McCain Speech: Whispering Warrior Redefines ‘Old Fogey’

by Scott Ott · 16 Comments

Below is a brief excerpt from Scott Ott’s latest Townhall column and a link to read more.
McCain Speech: Whispering Warrior Redefines ‘Old Fogey’
by Scott Ott at
(St. Paul, Minnesota) — From my Everestine perch 123 yards above the floor of the Xcel Energy Center, John McCain appeared roughly the size of an Oompa Loompa. [...]

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RNC 2008 Video: Georgia Delegate on McCain

by Scott Ott · 8 Comments

(Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN) — Rufus Montgomery is a Republican delegate to the convention from a wealthy neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. In this interview with Scott Ott of, Mr. Montgomery tells why he supports John McCain’s presidential bid.

Your Donation Fuels Family-Friendly Satire

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