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Bin Laden Marks Anniversary of Start of U.S. Conquest

by Scott Ott · 9 Comments

(2008-09-11) — Al Qaeda leader Usama Bin Laden today, in a fatwa pronounced from the throne of his caliphate in Baghdad, Iraq, marked the 7th anniversary of the beginning of the conquest of the United States of America as “a day of remembrance and rejoicing, a gift from Allah, the most merciful.”
As in the past [...]

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The Obama Doctrine: Bringing Us Into Submission

by Scott Ott · 51 Comments

[Scott Ott, editor in chief of, also writes non-satirical columns at Below is a brief excerpt of his latest, and a link to read the rest.]
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The Obama Doctrine: Bringing Us Into Submission
by Scott Ott at
Every time you hear Sen. Barack Obama say that Afghanistan is the central front [...]

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iTunes Rival iSlam to Offer Muslim-Friendly Fare

by Scott Ott · 46 Comments

(2008-04-01) — Muslim authorities in the Netherlands, outraged at the release on of Fitna, a film about the Koran and jihad, today announced the imminent launch of a new Muslim video and audio service which they claim will eventually rival Apple’s iTunes in its reach and influence.
As part of a proactive strategy to provide [...]

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Sudan Teddy Case Stalls 'Tickle Me Muhammad' Launch

by Scott Ott · 69 Comments

(2007-11-30) — As a Sudanese court handed down a 15-day jail sentence for a British women convicted of allowing school children to name a teddy bear after The Prophet of Islam, Mattel Toys announced today it would delay the launch of its much-anticipated ‘Tickle Me Muhammad’ toy line.
The teacher, Gillian Gibbons, 54, narrowly escaped 40 [...]

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Pelosi Slams Muslim Ideology Behind Bhutto Blast

by Scott Ott · 58 Comments

(2007-10-19) — As the death toll climbed past 130, with nearly 400 injured, in a suicide-bomb assassination attempt on former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi condemned the attack as “symptomatic of fundamentalist Islam’s crusade against equality for women.”
Rep. Pelosi, D-CA, said the fact that a prominent female politician was targeted [...]

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