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Obama Admits to Oil Addiction, Seeks Treatment

by Scott Ott · 70 Comments

(2008-08-04) — Democrat presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama, just hours after accusing his fellow citizens of being addicted to oil, admitted he has suffered the same condition since his teenage years.
“I confess that I frequently abused petroleum-based products,” said the contrite candidate, recalling that even at age 16 he sometimes drained 75 liters of a [...]

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Tags: Politics · U.S. News

Obama’s Own Power to Fuel the Nation

by Scott Ott · 16 Comments

(2008-07-30) — Presumptive U.S. President Barack Obama today announced his plan to “end America’s dependence on foreign oil, dirty coal and dangerous nuclear power by unleashing new technology that will tap a recently-discovered source of renewable energy.”
According to an outline of the plan, Sen. Obama’s own “personal power and magnetic energy” will form the core [...]

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Rev. Wright: Big Oil Attacked Because It's Black

by Scott Ott · 55 Comments

(2008-04-02) — The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, retired pastor to Sen. Barack Obama, said today that politicians “are getting after Big Oil because it’s black,” noting that “you don’t hear nobody talking smack like that on Big Milk.”
The Rev. Wright said he came out of seclusion to make the remarks out of concern that substantive [...]

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