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Dolly Dad Dumps Cloning, Doesn't Discourage Democrats

by Scott Ott · 15 Comments

(2007-11-17) — As the creator of Dolly, the world’s first cloned sheep, announced he had abandoned cloning to pursue more promising ways of tapping the potential of stem cells, Democrats in Congress will introduce legislation this week to fund research “to find other good reasons to create and destroy embryos.”
Prof. Ian Wilmut’s choice to turn [...]

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Tags: Science

Bush Vows to Win ‘War on Science’

by Scott Ott · 25 Comments

(2007-10-05) — Criticized by Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, for waging a “war on science” by limiting taxpayer funding of embryonic stem cell research and refusing to sign the Kyoto protocol on climate change, President George Bush today vowed to “win that war too.”
“When we go to war,” said Mr. Bush. “We go to liberate the [...]

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Tags: Politics · Science