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NYC Murders Drop, Democrats Call for Cop Pull Out

by Scott Ott · 40 Comments

(2007-11-24) — As the number of murders in New York City reached a 40-year low, Democrats in Congress introduced a measure calling for an immediate and total pull-out of law enforcement personnel citing the high cost of fighting crime, the risk to those in uniform and “lack of political progress” in the city.
In a [...]

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Tags: U.S. News

Bush: Put Congress on Constitutional Work Schedule

by Scott Ott · 50 Comments

(2007-10-27) — After Democrats on Capitol Hill announced that they plan to reduce their work week to four days so members can spend more time in their home districts, President George Bush proposed that Congress “go even further in their lives of legislative leisure by returning to the work schedule specified in the U.S. Constitution.”
The [...]

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Tags: Politics

GOP Moves to Label Roman Empire Genocidal

by Scott Ott · 41 Comments

(2007-10-12) — In the midst of a push by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, to pass a resolution labeling the Ottoman (Turk) Empire genocidal for the death of 1.5 million Armenians in 1915, House Republicans have introduced a bill condemning the Roman Empire for “the wholesale slaughter and domination of most of the known world [...]

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Tags: Global News · U.S. News

Dem Rivals Call for Pull Out Now, Long Occupation

by Scott Ott · 42 Comments

(2007-09-29) — The leading Democrat presidential candidates joined forces this week to immediately call for the eventual pull out of U.S. forces from Iraq on a time line that could have all of the troops home as early as the end of the second term of the president who succeeds the next one.
“We cannot let [...]

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Tags: Politics