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Court to Mull Individual Right to Drill for Oil

by Scott Ott · 95 Comments

(2008-06-29) — When the U.S. Supreme Court reconvenes on the first Monday in October, the nine Justices may consider whether the Constitutional preamble clause “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” guarantees an individual right to drill for oil.
Now that the court, in a 5-4 ruling on the Heller case, has upheld [...]

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Washington D.C. Bans Unofficial Public Gatherings

by Scott Ott · 61 Comments

(2008-02-05) — The District of Columbia this week banned all public gatherings not organized, funded and run by the government. In prohibiting all privately-organized rallies, protests, church and club meetings, the District used the same reasoning that moved it to ban private handgun ownership.
The Supreme Court on March 18 will hear a case (District [...]

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Bush: Put Congress on Constitutional Work Schedule

by Scott Ott · 50 Comments

(2007-10-27) — After Democrats on Capitol Hill announced that they plan to reduce their work week to four days so members can spend more time in their home districts, President George Bush proposed that Congress “go even further in their lives of legislative leisure by returning to the work schedule specified in the U.S. Constitution.”
The [...]

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Supreme Court Reconvenes, Constitution Seeks Asylum

by Scott Ott · 16 Comments

(2007-10-01) — As an ideologically-split U.S. Supreme Court reconvened on the first Monday in October, a spokesman for the National Archives reported that the U.S. Constitution has fled to an unnamed embassy to seek asylum, citing a long history of political persecution.
“This is always the most terrifying day of the year for the Constitution,” said [...]

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