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Obama to Disown Pastor If Hillary Dumps Bill

by Scott Ott · 107 Comments

(2008-03-27) — Sen. Barack Obama, the Democrat presidential front runner, today reiterated his intention to stand by his controversial pastor despite his presidential rival’s remarks that she would have left the church where the Rev. Jeremiah Wright preached racially-charged, anti-American messages.
“I could no more disown my hateful, racist, self-aggrandizing, crazy uncle of a pastor,” said [...]

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It’s 3 a.m.: Another Long Night in the White House

by Scott Ott · 157 Comments

Note: YouTube deleted this video within less than 20 minutes of posting. Let’s see how long it stay up on Google.
Update: YouTube restores the video.

Your Donation Fuels Family-Friendly Satire

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Hillary Mulls Supporting Illegal Alien Pilot License

by Scott Ott · 53 Comments

(2007-11-01) — As Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton continues to work round the clock with advisers to determine exactly how she feels about granting automobile driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, the Senator today announced she may support New York Gov. Elliot Spitzer’s new proposal to allow undocumented workers to receive airline transport pilot certification from [...]

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Hillary Takes 33-Point Lead, Obama Jumps to GOP

by Scott Ott · 20 Comments

(2007-10-04) — Sen. Hillary Clinton today filed papers with the Federal Election Commission to form an exploratory committee aimed at determining if she should publicly declare herself “the presumptive Democrat nominee” for president.
The filing comes after a new Washington Post/ABC News poll showed her up 33-points over her nearest Democrat rival.
In a statement released to [...]

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