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Senate Climate Bill: Switch from Oil to Money

by Scott Ott · 46 Comments

(2008-06-03) — The global warming bill, up for debate in the Senate this week, includes a little-known provision to reduce the nation’s collective carbon footprint, and to make the U.S. energy-independent by replacing the burning of petroleum products with the burning of paper currency.
Under the terms of the legislation, Congress would require that businesses and [...]

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Tags: Business · Science · Technology · U.S. News

Bush Welcomes Gore with Low-Carbon Ceremony

by Scott Ott · 38 Comments

(2007-11-26) — President George Bush today demonstrated that he can be gracious to his defeated opponents by welcoming former presidential rival Al Gore to the White House with a low-carbon ceremony to celebrate Mr. Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize for publicizing man-made global warming.
The day’s events began when the White House sent an ox cart to [...]

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Tags: Science · U.S. News

UN: Millions Not Suffering AIDS Now Doomed to Drown

by Scott Ott · 24 Comments

(2007-11-20) — Top United Nations’ scientists plan to acknowledge this week that they wildly overstated the size and the spread of the AIDS epidemic, but that all the millions of people who don’t actually have AIDS will soon drown in the rising tide caused by man-made global climate change.
Faulty methodology caused the scientists to [...]

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Tags: Global News · Science

UN Climate Report Spurs Bush to Reveal Retirement Plans

by Scott Ott · 40 Comments

(2007-11-17) — As the release of the final report on climate change by a panel of Nobel Laureate scientists at the United Nations sent a tsunami of fear around the globe this week, U.S. President George Bush today for the first time revealed his retirement plans.

“I’m going to put together a Real Estate Investment Trust [...]

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Tags: Science

Bush Vows to Win ‘War on Science’

by Scott Ott · 25 Comments

(2007-10-05) — Criticized by Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, for waging a “war on science” by limiting taxpayer funding of embryonic stem cell research and refusing to sign the Kyoto protocol on climate change, President George Bush today vowed to “win that war too.”
“When we go to war,” said Mr. Bush. “We go to liberate the [...]

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Tags: Politics · Science