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Merry Christmas from the Vast Editorial Staff

by Scott Ott · 23 Comments

As a public service, the ScrappleFace Enterprise Institute (a non-profitable organization which provides housing, nutrition, transportation and education services to a large rural Pennsylvania family) offers these Christmas tunes, and a reading from the Christmas story. You may play them on this website, or download the mp3 files to play on your computer, or in [...]

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Tags: Audiocast · Non-Satire

Zawahiri Video Bolder Than Romney Faith Speech

by Scott Ott · 17 Comments

(2007-12-16) — In the same month that presidential candidate Mitt Romney delivered his groundbreaking speech on faith in America, and just days after rival Mike Huckabee apologized for suggesting Mormons believe Jesus and Lucifer are spirit brothers, al Qaeda lieutenant Ayman al-Zawahiri’s new video is another example of religious rhetoric from a public figure.

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Tags: Theology · Video