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Bush: U.S. Citizens to Welcome Our 51 State

by Scott Ott · 116 Comments

(2008-09-20) — Although it cost more than the Louisiana Purchase and the Alaska purchase combined and offers far less acreage, President George Bush today said he thinks “U.S. citizens will welcome our 51 state with open arms.”
The announcement that the financial realm collectively known as “Wall Street” had applied for statehood follows a week in [...]

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Tags: Business · U.S. News

Lame Duck Bush Loses Power to Direct Hurricanes

by Scott Ott · 12 Comments

(2008-08-31) — Delegates to the Republican National Convention will have a sharply curtailed schedule of events Monday because, in the waning months of his presidency, George W. Bush has apparently lost the ability to control the intensity and paths of hurricanes.
With Category 4 Hurricane Gustav bearing down on the Gulf Coast, President Bush can do [...]

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Tags: Conventions · U.S. News

Obama: DNC Tent Big Enough for Pro-Hillary Voters

by Scott Ott · 178 Comments

(2008-08-25) — As unified Democrats unite together under one roof in Denver this week, Sen. Barack Obama reminded his united party that “our Democrat tent is big enough for all kinds of people — big enough for those who are pro-choice and pro-life, big enough for those who are pro-Obama and pro-Hillary.”
“Democrats are all about [...]

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Tags: Conventions · Politics

Sen. McCain Announces Late White House Bid

by Scott Ott · 19 Comments

(2008-07-19) — With presumptive President of the United States Barack Obama out of the country, Republican Sen. John McCain, of Arizona, today announced that he intends to challenge Sen. Obama in November’s general election.
Although experts agree that the Democrat nominee has the presidency all but locked up, Sen. McCain told several dozen cheering supporters that [...]

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Tags: Politics

Obama: Iran Needs to Know We Mean Talk

by Scott Ott · 48 Comments

(2008-07-10) — Democrat presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama today faulted the “weakness of the Bush administration” for Iran’s recent long-range missile testing, and said when he sits in the Oval Office “Iran will know that we mean talk.”
The Illinois senator said he would engage Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in face-to-face negotiations offering “carrots as well [...]

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Tags: Global News · Politics

Congress to Halt Closing of Unprofitable Starbucks

by Scott Ott · 55 Comments

(2008-07-02) — Democrats in Congress today plan to introduce a bill to halt the recently-announced closing of some 600 Starbucks coffee stores, noting that the displacement of 12,000 Starbucks baristas would overwhelm government aid offices not prepared to handle so many clients for whom English is a second language.
Baristas, those who serve Starbucks beverages, speak [...]

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Tags: Business · Culture

Scott McClellan Caught Up in New Deceptive Culture

by Scott Ott · 27 Comments

(2008-05-30) — Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan today admitted that his book “What Happened” is filled with un-truths, half-truths and misguided statements because he “got caught up in another culture of deception.”
“When I left the White House,” said Mr. McClellan, “I hoped to escape the world of deceit where even good people convince [...]

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Tags: Business · Culture · Media/Journalism · Politics

Second Memoir in a Week Rocks White House

by Scott Ott · 37 Comments

(2008-05-29) — A new tell-all book by President George W. Bush’s most faithful companion and confidante during his White House years reveals a picture of the president potentially even more damaging than the one in former Press Secretary Scott McClellan’s new memoir, What Happened.
According to a pre-release copy of “Down Boy: Inside the Bush Culture [...]

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Tags: Media/Journalism · U.S. News

McClellan: Publisher Using Me Unwittingly to Sell Books

by Scott Ott · 42 Comments

(2008-05-28) — Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan, who claims in a new book that Bush administration officials used him to promote the president’s policies and to defend top officials, today said he suspects he’s being used unwittingly by his publisher to pass along information “just to sell books.”
“I’m afraid I’ve become the innocent [...]

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Tags: Business · Media/Journalism · Politics · U.S. News

NY Times in Crisis, Bush Offers Journalistic Stimulus Plan

by Scott Ott · 41 Comments

(2008-04-25) — As New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller stands poised to clear 100 reporters and editors from the newsroom due to falling advertising revenue, President George Bush today said Congress should intervene to rescue “The Grey Lady” by quickly passing what he called a “journalistic stimulus package.”

Similar to the president’s economic stimulus package [...]

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Tags: Media/Journalism · U.S. News