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Usama Bin Laden Thinks He's Luke Skywalker

by Scott Ott · 4 Comments

Note: Scott Ott, editor in chief of, also writes non-satirical columns at Below is an excerpt of his latest and a link so you can read more.
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As the New York Times, and others, continue the debate about whether its really al Qaeda we’re fighting [...]

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Tags: Non-Satire

Usama Audio: We'll Bomb You Back to the Qaeda Age

by Scott Ott · 46 Comments

(2008-03-20) — An uncharacteristically-personal new audio recording of a voice purported to be terror-leader Usama bin Laden includes a threat to “bomb Europe back to the Qaeda age.”
“Why should [German Chancellor] Angela Merkel and [French President] Nicolas Sarkozy live in their comfortable mansions?” the voice asks. “Meanwhile the future leader of the world — the [...]

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Tags: Global News

Bush Raises Airport Crowding Threat Level to Orange

by Scott Ott · 22 Comments

(2007-11-15) — President George Bush, acting on intercepted cell phone and email chatter repeatedly using the cryptic phrase “big plans for the holidays,” today raised the homeland airport crowding threat level to ‘Orange’, and ordered the Federal Aviation Administration to take preemptive action to head off “potentially devastating inconveniences” to U.S. air passengers.
The airline industry, [...]

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New Tape: Bin Laden Calls Insurgents ‘Pack of Sissies’

by Scott Ott · 86 Comments

(2007-10-23) — In a newly-released audiotape, al Qaeda leader Usama bin Laden spoke directly to Muslim insurgents in Iraq, calling them “a pack of sniveling sissies for collapsing in the face of the recent U.S. military surge.”
“When I see how you cower,” Mr. Bin Laden said, “I’m ashamed to wear the flowing robe of Muslim [...]

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Tags: Global News