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Obama: Abortion-Survivor's Attack Ad Could Backfire

by Scott Ott · 36 Comments

(2008-09-15) — A new TV ad in which the survivor of a botched abortion calls attention to Sen. Barack Obama’s repeated opposition to protecting such babies could backfire on the pro-life group that created the commercial, according to the Democrat presidential candidate.
In the TV spot, Gianna Jessen, 31, calls on Sen. Obama to support born-alive [...]

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As VP, Ridge Would Back McCain Stance for Life

by Scott Ott · 19 Comments

(2008-08-18) — Former Homeland Security Chief and Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, frequently mentioned among John McCain’s potential running mates, today said his pro-choice position on abortion should not limit his opportunity, since “the vice president is not an independent voice, but merely echoes the position of the president…as long as they both shall live.”
“Conservatives should [...]

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Obama Courts Pro-Choice Group: 'I'm a Survivor'

by Scott Ott · 96 Comments

(2008-03-05) — Sen. Barack Obama, in a campaign speech to the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL Pro-Choice America) today, said he’s not concerned about his losses to Sen. Hillary Clinton in Ohio and Texas yesterday, because he’s “a survivor.”
The Democrat presidential hopeful, who as an Illinois legislator once blocked a bill that would have [...]

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Rudy Giuliani's Defective Campaign Aborted Early

by Scott Ott · 27 Comments

(2008-01-30) — Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani plans to abort his presidential campaign today after a preliminary test in Florida showed significant defects.
The former Republican front runner said his decision was “personal”, and asked reporters to respect his “Constitutional right to privacy.”

“It was completely my choice to end it early in the primary [...]

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Schumer: SCHIP Should Cover All Un-Aborted Kids

by Scott Ott · 31 Comments

(2007-10-01) — As Congress considers an expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), New York Sen. Charles Schumer today said the Democrat party’s goal is eventually to provide free health insurance to “every un-aborted child in America regardless of economic or immigration status.”
President George Bush has vowed to veto the $35 billion increase [...]

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