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November 03, 2004
Al Gore Concedes to Winner of Popular Vote
by Scott Ott

(2004-11-03) -- Former Vice President Al Gore today conceded the presidency to the winner of the popular vote, George W. Bush, although a dispute over provisional ballots in Ohio kept officials there from granting Mr. Bush the electoral votes needed to make his victory official early this morning.

"The people have spoken," said Mr. Gore, "And George W. Bush is now officially the president of the United States. I call on all true Democrats to unite behind our president."

However, a spokesman for the Kerry-Edwards campaign said, "Presidential elections are not decided by popular vote. We need the electoral college to guard against the specter of a few dense population areas determining the direction of our entire nation.. Sen. Kerry has always been an enthusiastic supporter of the electoral college and this election just verifies the wisdom of that support."

Democrat vice presidential candidate John Edwards said that he and Mr. Kerry attended several Electoral College football games this fall at Lambert Field.

"We're Electoral College boosters," said Mr. Edwards. "The popular vote means nothing. We're determined to ensure that every electoral vote counts and every electoral vote is counted."

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