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December 16, 2003
'Rings' Fans Awed by Sequel's Car Chase Scene
by Scott Ott

(2003-12-16) -- Preview screening audiences for the final episode of the Lord of the Rings (LOTR) movie trilogy are said to be "breathless" over the ending of the so-called 'American cut' of Return of the King, which features a spectacular car chase scene.

Although devotees of the J.R.R. Tolkien books, which form the basis for the movie series, have barraged internet fan sites with complaints, director Peter Jackson said audiences love the "dramatic plot twist."

"We wanted to bring Tolkien's incredibly intricate, poetic prose to the screen in a way that would be accessible to modern American moviegoers," said Mr. Jackson, a native New Zealander. "One of our scriptwriters suggested that the final epic battle between good and evil might best be portrayed by having the Dark Lord Sauron pursue Frodo and Sam (the ring-bearing Hobbits) in a spectacular car chase through Middle Earth. It really breathes new life into the literary fantasy-action-adventure genre."

Asked how he's dealing with the withering criticism from Tolkien fans, Mr. Jackson bristled: "I can't live my life trying to satisfy the purists. What do these people want? We spent months shooting that car chase, and I used classic cars to make it authentic. I think it's true to the spirit of Tolkien."

Mr. Jackson suggested that LOTR devotees would ultimately be satisfied when they buy the extended version DVD.

"On the DVD, the car chase is punctuated by long soliloquies by Lady Galadriel, where she speaks in untranslated Elvish and we see nothing but her unblinking eyes," said Mr. Jackson. "That ought to keep the stroppy Ring-geeks from chundering."

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